• Laura

    I have loads of friends that I'm certain I could make stunning images with... note, i didn't say "Of".. I said "With".

    I say this because I'm more interested in making images that are moody and emotional that 'incorporate' the subject rather than solely feature the subject. I'm more interested in harmonising the subject with as much of the environment around them that's possible, hopefully arriving at sense of place and an image working just as much on a landscape level as it does on a portrait level.

    Laura was one of these people that has a certain mood about her in real life that i was certain would come through in a set of images shot during the fall.

  • http://josephcolligan.com/files/gimgs/5_a-1-of-18.jpg
  • http://josephcolligan.com/files/gimgs/5_a-17-of-18.jpg
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